Mental Health Matters

Why is the concept of work-life balance so important to owners looking to grow their success? Well, I believe that there really is no work-life balance. Some days you’re overly balanced on one side, and then other days you’re tilting more to the[...]


THE VISION HI-TECH TRAINING & EXPO first opened its doors in 1992 with around 250 attendees and around 35 exhibitors, who set up their spaces in the parking garage of the Hilton Inn. Dragsters were used to fill unused exhibit space. Now look to[...]

The Godfather

ALL SPORTS HAVE LEGENDS. In baseball, we have players like Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, and Mickey Mantle. Football has Joe Montana, Payton Manning, Kurt Warner, and that one guy that played for the NE Patriots and then went to play for[...]