With Change Comes Opportunity

Thursday, November 5, 2020 | November 2020


We were stuck and the clock was running! With the help of some brilliant game players, we managed to solve the clues and escape but from what?  What in the world are you talking about, Tim? Just a team building event we participated in during our annual MWACA Leadership Summit meeting.

Once a year, your elected leaders take time out of their busy lives to come together during one weekend for some brainstorming and camaraderie. Much like in your operations, it is time well spent discussing what is working well and what maybe needs to be reviewed, adjusted, and changed.

MWACA is comprised of and/or programs to assist us in shop operations. One of the many programs discussed was allowing members who operate shops outside our original six states to join. We have had numerous inquiries from shops all over the country since we first announced the change to MWACA, and after discussing the pros and cons we determined that the best thing to do is to allow enrollment outside our six-state region.

We created a virtual membership to enable members to access the same excellent training and benefits our current MWACA shop members receive. Membership requests have been flooding in and the timing was right as the current environment has made virtual training and communication more acceptable to the shops in our industry. So if you are not a member;(yet), check us out!

 I have said it before and will say it again, you need to surround yourself with smart peers. Doing this, I have grown my business in size and profitability, and also been able to escape from some very small rooms!