Friday, November 6, 2020 | November 2020

MWACA Team members at a training event with MWACA Vision backdrop behind them posing for a team imageIN RESPONSE TO REQUESTS FROM INDEPENDENT REPAIR FACILITIES from across the country, the Midwest Auto Care Alliance (MWACA) will begin accepting virtual members beyond the original six-state territory effective immediately. These virtual members will have access to the same great training and benefits that current MWACA shop members receive.

Membership benefits include auto parts rebate programs, health insurance, early VISION registration, free ACT Auto Staffing account, and a print subscription to MWACA Magazine. In addition to these and other money-saving benefits, virtual members will have access to the MWACA Training Portal, free online training provided through the MWACA eXchange events, and other virtual training and roundtables for members only.

MWACA's leadership voted unanimously for the expansion at a recent MWACA Leadership Summit on August 29. Additional information about MWACA membership can be found at

MWACA Team members at a training event sitting around a 'U' shaped table with laptops and presentation