Legislative Update

Wednesday, June 7, 2023 | Summer 2023

ON APRIL 18, 2023 MWACA LOBBYIST AND ST. LOUIS LIAISON Ron Reiling and Mike Moehlenkamp, MWACA member and owner of Gary's Auto Service in St. Louis, Missouri, visited Jefferson City, Missouri to meet with Representatives Travis Wilson (R) and Gretchen Bangert (D) to discuss MWACA's opposition to the piece of legislation known as HB723. HB723 would effectively downsize the Missouri State Safety Inspection Program.

Ron and Mike provided each representative with data relevant to MWACA's stance against any change or weakening of the program, including studies that show states without safety inspections have twice as many fatalities due to mechanical failure than states that require inspections. Obviously, a lack of safety inspections would affect aftermarket repair shops, but it also affects the safety of our children (a lack of proper school-bus inspections), our elderly (who may hold onto older cars for longer), and more.

Representative Bangert, who sits on the Government Efficiency and Downsizing Committee that the bill has been referred to, agrees with our stance, as now does Representative Wilson. Members are encouraged to contact their state Representative to express opposition to HB723. This session has ended and HB723 died in committee without a hearing.

Expect future attempts to weaken or eliminate Missouri's safety inspection program. Watch for ways to get involved as MWACA continues to fight for the betterment of our industry and communities.