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Thursday, December 7, 2023 | Winter 2023

2024 Vision Hi-Tech Training and Expo


FOR THE 32ND CONSECUTIVE YEAR, the Midwest Auto Care Alliance (MWACA) will host its VISION Hi-Tech Training and Expo in Kansas City. VISION is a must-attend event for automotive industry professionals because it aims to help them gain knowl- edge about the technical and service sides of the industry, build a network of experts, and teach the importance of professionalism. MWACA can effectively assist automotive industry professionals in achieving these goals, leveraging its extensive experience built over 32 years of VISION.


In 1992, VISION started as VISION 2000 — a local training event for automotive professionals in the Kansas City area. Only three classes were offered over two days. No one foresaw its success or the demand it would generate among automotive service profes- sionals for additional training.

When Sheri Hamilton started as MWACA’s executive director in 1998, VISION 2000 had grown from a small, local event to a national four-day event with over 350 attendees. Since VISION 2000 surpassed the year 2000, the MWACA board changed its title to VISION Hi-Tech Training and Expo. In 2023, VISION had over 3,500 attendees and more than 100 courses on technical training, management, and service advisor training.


For the 2024 VISION, MWACA plans to host training sessions for technicians, shop owners, and service advisors throughout the event. For each of the sessions, MWACA will offer entry-level, B-level, and advanced training courses for all shop employees.

“We want to ensure that there are growth opportunities for our attendees and that people can experience VISION for many years and always come away with new knowledge, which is why there are different course levels,” Hamilton said.

There will be a variety of topics covered in the classes, includ- ing how shop owners can successfully manage succession plan- ning, scheduling and workflow, and marketing and communication needs. Many of the technical sessions will address hot topics such as Asian/European vehicles, electric vehicles, and ADAS, helping attendees to stay well-informed about present and future changes in the industry.


In addition to the topics mentioned above, VISION plans to offer the General Service Technician Academy for the second year. This two-day program enables shops to send their less experienced general service technicians to re-learn/learn the basics of auto repair.

The General Service Technician Academy will cover the following topics:

  • OSHA and Shop Safety
  • Tire Safety
  • Tire Pressure Monitor Basics
  • Lift Safety
  • Basic Air Conditioning
  • Fluid Identification and Proper Use
  • Basic Electricity
  • Digital Vehicle Inspections

All the classes, including the General Service Technician Academy, will kick off on the first day of the event after the opening general session. This will be the first time in 25 years that VISION will have its general session on Thursday — in the past, the session didn’t occur until Saturday.

“Attendees will want to be part of this year's opening event because we have a phenomenal keynote speaker who is coming in, and this will finally be an actual kick-off to the event,” Hamilton said. “The excitement and energy we plan to build at the opening session will keep everyone motivated throughout the rest of the event.”


To ensure your spot at the opening session and in your preferred classes, visit and click on the registration tab. It is important to register as soon as possible as classes are filling quickly after experiencing a record-breaking opening to regis- tration with over 700 registering in the first 32 hours of opening.

“As far as registration options go, we have what’s called a four-day power pass, and that's where you will get the best value,” Hamilton said. “The four-day power pass allows you to register for classes each of the four days for a set price. If you can’t attend all four days, then you can also choose a specific day or weekend package.”

If you opt for individual sessions, instead of purchasing one of the packages, you won’t be able to register for classes until February when individual class registration opens.

“We don’t open à la carte registration until a month before VISION because we want to ensure there is space available for people coming in for the entire event,” Hamilton said. “We want to make sure that prime classes have availability and they're not taken up by people who come and attend a single class.”


If you are new to VISION, registering early will enable you to get the most out of your experience. Coming well-rested and with an open mind will help you feel more prepared and ensure growth in your professional life, so you can become a better employee or employer within the automotive industry. An additional way you can prepare for VISION is by joining the Facebook VISION alumni group.

“Even though you're not alumni, you will soon be,” Hamilton said. “It's an opportunity to connect with other attendees, ask questions, and establish relationships so when you come on-site, you’ll be able to put faces with names.”

Instead of immediately returning to your hotel room after class, make sure you’re available for the training and networking that happens in the hallways, bars, and restaurants after sessions and into the evenings. When talking to others remember that networking with peers is just as important as networking with superiors. Sometimes peers can help teach you things that your superiors can’t.


MWACA understands the importance of dressing the part and treat- ing others as professionals — and the impact this has on careers.

“Our philosophy for VISION has always been to treat automotive service professionals as the professionals that they are,” Hamilton said. “So, when they come to VISION, every experience from their registration, every connection that they make through- out the event with our team — with any part of the program — they're treated as professionals. We hope that they go back to their shops and feel respected and appreciate being treated that way.”

VISION didn’t always have such high expectations for profes- sional wear. It wasn’t until MWACA held its Best Dressed Contest at the event that attendees started to hold themselves and others in a higher regard. Those who participated in the contest were asked to dress professionally as a business, which meant that company employees all had to be wearing similar — if not match- ing — professional attire. By hosting this contest, VISION encour- aged automotive industry attendees to master their business aptitude at the Expo and to take it home to their shops. MWACA eventually had to stop holding the Best Dressed Contest because many shops came well-dressed, which made it difficult to find a group that stood out.

“The progress in professionalism from the year we started the contest to when we ended it 10 years later was outstand- ing. We upped the dress code game and level of professional- ism within the entire event,” Hamilton said. “Starting the Best Dressed Contest helped to blend the two concepts that we value: Treating our attendees like professionals and helping support the shops in becoming the professionals they are when they return home.”

Encouraging professionalism is one of the many ways MWACA helps attendees build their reputations and develop new skills at VISION. By providing an educational space for networking and learning, VISION is a must for any automotive professional who is looking to grow their career in the industry.

To learn more about VISION Hi-Tech Training and Expo and get more information on the different courses offered, visit