A New President and a New Year

Friday, November 1, 2019 | November 2019

A New President and a New Year | President’s Message | November 2019

Are you satisfied with simply going to work, doing the daily grind, feeling like the successful people must have hit it lucky somehow? Or do you feel the urge to be better, to continue to learn new things, and to push yourself to give back to your industry? My name is Tim Davison, and I have the pleasure of filling the very large shoes that Jerry Holcom vacated after serving his term as the first MWACA president.

Let me tell you about my MWACA journey to this point. Roughly 15 years ago, I was an active member of what was called the Iowa Society of Auto Techs, a now-dissolved group of like-minded technicians and/or shop owners who met monthly in Des Moines. It was at one of the regular meetings that I learned of the VISION Hi-Tech Training event held every March in Kansas City that the industry elite attended for high-quality training. I made plans and attended my first VISION and returned for several consecutive years, learning more and more about what it takes to operate a successful shop and the continued training necessary to become a great technician and owner. I also learned more about the organization that hosted VISION and that membership was open and available on a national level.

I signed up to be a member of ASA National (at that time they did not have a chapter in my home state of Iowa). In 2013, some rules changed and allowed ASA MOKAN to include six states, including Iowa. When I learned Des Moines could form a chapter and host local year-round training similar to what VISION offered, I was excited! Ten Des Moines-area shop owners agreed to start a chapter and I was voted to be on the board. I met many new friends, and through my involvement my network of elite shop owners expanded to include such industry rock stars as the president of S&S Service Center and of MWACA, Jerry Holcom.

During Jerry’s term as president of our association, he reached out and asked me if I would consider taking the executive board position of vice president. I thought long and hard about it—I knew it wasn’t going to be a light commitment. My fear was this would push me out of my comfort zone (and no one likes to do that). I agreed, however, knowing I could count on many good people, including the help and support from the A+ team of Sheri Hamilton and staff. By this time, I had learned that surrounding myself with more successful people was a good thing.

Today, I am looking forward to the next chapter of my VISION/MWACA commitment as your president. I have been a part of the development of the new MWACA, and I am proud of the steps we have taken to build and foster this great organization. I promise to keep MWACA growing and to keep giving back to the industry that I care so much about. As your new president, I urge you to reach out to me with any concerns or questions you may have. I am here to help.