Final Word: The War On Compliance

Monday, November 22, 2021 | November 2021

gmg envirosafe advertisement comprehensive solutions, personalized support compliance made easy with 2 mechanics in background of blue and green overlayA GOOD KINGDOM DOESN’T SEEK OUT WAR, but is always prepared for it.” It’s an age-old phrase, but what is the relevance to our world in 2021? To me, it seems that shops like yours around the country are constantly having to defend themselves, whether it’s due to COVID-19 demands, everchanging safety regulations, increasing compliance enforcement and fines, manufacturing and shipping delays for parts, a greater number of sick days, difficulty hiring and keeping staff, or a host of other concerns. To say it’s been a challenging time is putting it mildly. And with all of this happening, you still have to keep your business going and make sure that your customers are happy.

This is a great industry and I want to see the people within it thrive. That’s why I decided to join the team at GMG EnviroSafe. By delivering comprehensive and affordable environmental, health and safety (EHS) support, I can protect and defend our clients against a major threat, and with this large burden removed, they can concentrate on growing their business.

GMG EnviroSafe has a single-minded focus on compliance and protection. The company is run by Brandon Thomas, whom many of you know due to his reputation in our industry. GMG EnviroSafe has been in business for 32 years and we currently support more than 2,500 shops like yours around the country. We not only help these clients meet the full scope of OSHA and EPA regulations but their local requirements too. We truly understand the complexity of this business, and your customer pressures. I’m based out of Kansas City and have the pleasure of representing our company in the Midwest. That’s why I’m so excited about our new partnership with MWACA. I look forward to getting to know you and being a valuable resource for all members—especially since both OSHA and EPA enforcement budgets have recently been increased. This funding increase, as well as other internal changes, is already leading to more inspections and audits. Shop owners have enough to deal with. And if you’re like many shop owners I’ve talked to recently, one of the last things you want is to see an OSHA inspector walking into your facility.

If you’re responsible for keeping up with the seemingly daily regulatory changes from local, state, and federal agencies, you know how overwhelming it can be. It’s tough enough even when they don’t change or add to their compliance system. Unfortunately, the time and money you have to spend is a necessary part of keeping any repair shop open and operating safely.

I love my job because I get to make a real difference. I wake up every day looking forward to helping shops like yours—taking that stress off your shoulders, doing it for a fraction of the cost of an internal compliance team, and doing it with a proven approach that keeps employees and customers safer. It’s incredibly rewarding to hear stories of injuries that were prevented or major fines that were averted due to our efforts.

Michel Scavuzzo is the Midwest Representative for GMG Envirosafe. He can be reached at 620.644.2813 or conclusion, we are grateful to be a part of the MWACA team and to be able to offer our extraordinary compliance solutions to you at member-discounted pricing. Our entire team feels as grateful as I do to protect our customers, their employees, and their communities. If you choose to connect with us you’ll see first-hand how you can gain the peace of mind you deserve, freeing you with more time to focus on your business. Referring back to the phrase I cited at the beginning, I know you aren’t seeking out any wars. But to be sustainable, you should always be prepared for them.

Michel Scavuzzo is the Midwest Representative for GMG Envirosafe. He can be reached at 620.644.2813 or

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